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About this portal is portal intended to provide healthcare professionals, researchers and patients relevant and timely information on coronary heart disease as it relates to scientific and clinical evidence on the impact of lipid biomarkers and beyond. 


Content contributors include thought-leaders in the lipid space that continually drive to investigate and integrate into clinical practice new and novel tools that help to improve patient outcomes.  Discussion involving pioneering technologies that help to improve health outcomes is paramount as it enables consideration into clinical practice guidelines.  And the relevance of this effort is more true today than it has been because of the growing epidemic around CVD.


Despite the many advancements that have been made in the fight against cardiovascular disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control, it remains at the top of the list as the leading cause of death globally.  Awareness regarding the risk for the development of CHD is critical, as 80% of cardiovascular disease is preventable (1). 

And while preventable lifestyle is one of the cornerstones in fighting the onset of disease, research has shown that even with individuals with ideal or normal levels of cholesterol, there remains a risk for CHD that is undetected by existing lipid testing. This portal is dedicated in providing the scientific and clinical evidence surrounding the emerging role of sdLDL in assessing risk for CHD.  

Helping to Enhance Risk Assessment for ASCVD
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